¿Who is Bízkares?

Bízkares is a technology based company focussed on the production and transformation of forest and agro-food bioproducts through novel solutions which create value and address climate and environmental challenges.


The circular economy concept is particularly relevant to that of bioproducts, both being totally contemporary, innovative and yet also age-old. The proposal is simple: transform the production and consumption models, reproducing trophic and energy flows from nature. In short, a permanent recycling of uses which renders redundant the idea of residues and waste.

Origin of the bioproducts

They are obtained from living organisms or their derivatives such as vegetal material, fungi, bacteria, enzymes…

Their transformation

Through the use of biotechnological tools which facilitate a wide range of applications commonly obtained artificially by means of chemical synthesis.


They reflect a satisfactory strategy of reduction in: emissions, CO2 sinks and the consumption of water and energy.

Circular economy

Bioproducts and the bioeconomy are considered to be fundamental components of circular economy schemes. These in turn are a key strategy in employment creation, competitiveness and the guarantee of a rational and sustainable use of resources.


Our environmental impact is significantly reduced when we replace products made from fossil resources with bio-based alternatives. In a bioeconomy, all products are made from renewable resources such as raw materials and by-products from forestry or agriculture. The raw materials found in trees and plants can be used for many purposes other than just building houses and making paper. We work with climate-smart materials, fossil-free fuels, biomaterials and green biochemicals.



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